How You Can Upgrade Any Outfit for a Party or Formal Occasion

How You Can Upgrade Any Outfit for a Party or Formal Occasion

You’ve probably been in some sort of situation when you were unsure about what you could wear or didn’t think your outfit looked ‘dressed up’ enough. While this can be incredibly frustrating, there are some things you can do to help yourself if you ever find yourself in this position again, as there are always fixes to various problems in the fashion world.

It’s also good to remember that you can turn pretty much any outfit into something a little more formal using the tricks below, which can save some money by enabling you to wear the clothes you already have, rather than buying new ones! If you want to find out how you can upgrade any outfit for a party or formal occasion, just read on!

1. Make use of jewelry

One of the easiest, most subtle ways to change how your entire outfit looks is through the use of jewelry. By making full use of your jewelry wherever possible, with bracelets, rings, earring, necklaces and more, you can make an outfit reach pretty much any style you want. If you need inspiration for this, you can always visit a jeweller’s shop for some ideas or check them out on a website such as Pinterest.


2. Try out a little makeup

While a whole face of makeup is a decision that’s completely up to you – and you should know that you definitely don’t need it – using some bold eyeshadow or lip gloss can be a fun way to integrate a little more glam into your outfit if you don’t always wear it already. It can be a great way to lift your look and mirror what you’re wearing with how you decorate your face. Remember, the makeup doesn’t have to be complex, and you can always watch a beginner’s tutorial if you’re new to the idea.


3. Shoes can make a huge difference

Shoes are, of course, a very important part of your outfit when you’re going out, and we’re all aware of that, but you might not have realised how much one pair of shoes can impact the way your clothes look. Having just one or two pairs of nice going out shoes that you can wear with most outfits is wise, especially if you’re on a budget, as they can make a huge difference.


4. Just one piece can change everything

In a similar way to how you can change or alter a certain piece of clothing yourself, that may not be possible for you, and a budget-friendly way of completely transforming a casual outfit into a formal one is by purchasing just one new piece. When you change a part of the outfit like this, something as simple as a top can completely set the mood. Alternatively, you could change the way you wear a certain item, like a top, by changing it slightly, like twisting the waist, or something similar.


5. Add some extra accessories and sparkle!

Jewelry isn’t the only way you can accessorize your outfit and trying out new things like bags or belts can be another subtle but sure way to change the vibes you get from that outfit and finding some ways to add a little sparkle will make you 100% party ready.