How to Shop for Winter Casual Wear

Hello goddesses,

I know it’s freezing out. When you can’t be at home snuggling with your sweet little doggie or prima-Donna cat. (my cat is so prima-Donna), but If you must go out we at Diva Dorm have a stylish and trendy collection of outerwear. From women’s ponchos, white fashion jackets, sweaters, and women’s fashion trench coats, to add to your winter wardrobe. We all know that seasons and styles do change and one of the best things about changing seasons is the changing trends and style patterns that come with them, and each time of year brings its own little twist to the previous styles, and sometimes it can bring completely new items to the table, too. However, no matter what season is coming up, and what season has just ended, it’s no secret that it can be really fun to do a little shopping before the time hits and being prepared with the stylish outfits is always a must.

Many people find winter a difficult time, with the cold weather, dark evening and short days, but there are also so many good things that come from it, and the most popular thing of all is the festive season. Keeping on top of your style game can be hard at times, especially when you’re busy rushing around trying to organize things, so having a little ‘cheat sheet’ to your winter wardrobe may be a big help. If this is what you’re looking for, here are some tips for shopping for winter casual wear!

1. Find some of your favorite colors 

When building a seasonal wardrobe, color coordinating it is a really smart idea, as it means that you will be able to use certain pieces in different outfits, which will also mean that you are saving money by not having to buy so many clothes to match all of your outfits. You can take a look into color theory and how different colors suit different skin tones, too, if you’re interested in upgrading your outfit any further.

2. Consider what you already have

While it can be really exciting to buy a few new entire outfits, or to find some bold statement pieces you can’t wait to wear, it’s also a good idea to consider what you already have at home. Some of the things to think about before purchasing a new item of clothing include:

- What do I already own that will match it?
- How often will I wear something like this?
- Do I feel comfortable with how it looks and feels?
- Do I already have something similar?

If you think about these things, you’re sure to be saving money and reducing stress when it comes to styling and wearing your new buys.

3. Take a look at your diary

You may be wondering ‘what does a diary have to do with my winter wardrobe?’ but being aware of what’s coming up in your calendar for the coming season can be another good way to plan and coordinate your outfits, giving you an idea of the various occasions you’ll be going to, which gives you an idea of how formal you want your clothes to be, or what style you want them to fit into.

4. Try out some checks or plaid 

It’s no secret that, if there’s any time most suited to patterns like checks and plaid, it’s the winter. You can try out these patterns on pretty much anything, from shirts to trousers, and pantsuits to shoes – you’re bound to find any style of clothing that comes in a plaid or checked pattern. One of the best things about this is that it feels so festive, and these clothes are often very comfy, too!

5. Never forget a coat 

No winter outfit is complete without a coat to keep you warm during the frosty mornings and chilly evenings of the winter season, yet it’s something that people often forget to consider when choosing their winter clothes. While it’s not completely necessary to buy a new coat, they do also change trends, so it can help you to make sure your outfit is completely trendy, or just a way to compliment the pieces you’re already wearing.

6. Find some appropriate footwear

Just like coats, you can’t go very far without footwear, and this is something which people don’t particularly forget altogether, but they do forget about the practicality of their footwear. Remember, the winter is a time of frost, ice, snow and rain, which can all be slippery on the ground, so wearing footwear that’s comfortable and safe is something you should definitely take a look at.  

7. Try things on

Lastly, although this doesn’t just apply to winter clothing, trying on your clothes before buying them, or before taking the labels out if you’ve ordered them online, is the best way to make sure you’re happy with them. One trick is to ensure you can get a refund if you end up deciding against something but trying it on at home with other pieces to make an outfit, and then choosing whether or not to keep or return it. This way, you’ll save money without regretting not buying that cute dress you saw.